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[Saint Andrews Secondary School, Singapore] electronics technology club


Formally known as Handyman Club, we have extended to the new generation as Electronics Technology Club concentrating on hobby electronics and similar educational topics.

As of the year 2001, the club will be improved into a high-end information and guidance of the basic electronics.

To introduce the understanding of electrical devices;To provide the basic electronic skills to beginners who does not have the know-how to start.

[Saint Andrews Secondary School]


As for new members, please attend the next meeting, failure to do so may get his name erased!

Project Work

We will explain what our first project as soon you get hold of the basics.

But, it will be soon, have more patience.


eMail will redirect to their email addresses respectively.

Treasurer's Note

Hah! My own section for once. Here are the monthly funds you will need to donate at the first meeting of each month.

($3 per month)

Purpose: These funds will be used to purchase equipment and components for project work. As well as misc. accessories such as print-outs ect.

So, please submit the fund to me at the first meeting of the month.

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